We love our country living! There is nothing like driving down your lane and seeing beautiful horses grazing in a green pasture enclosed in lovely farm fencing.

Farm owners routinely deal with more animals than just their horses, cows, alpaca, sheep, pigs, goats, and chickens. They have issues with critters we don’t often see, unwanted visitors that may be predatory. For most farms, “non-climb” fencing is not optional… is necessary to protect their livestock.

Installing farm fencing is hard labor unless you have a few hands leaning on the side of your barn, cowboy hat tipped down, leisurely chewing on a piece of oat waiting to do it for you. If not, best leave it to the pros at Variety Fence LLC who are known county wide for their expertise.

If you are enclosing acreage for the first time, or need to replace existing farm fence, you have many options from which to choose. You can go utilitarian and basic or opt for a more decorative style that will set your property boundaries apart from others nearby. You may even want to consider highlighting your farm with a prominent custom designed gate.

The manner in which your gate opens and closes is critical for safe and secure containment of livestock. Often, a double swing gate with a standard lock will do. Perhaps, a more automated system such as a cantilever gate with an operator is a better choice. Whatever your need, Variety Fence LLC can meet it.