Most rural Landowners are environmentally conscious as they have a deep appreciation of the delicate balance in nature. As such, they often have a heart for those animals who find themselves discarded and in need of rescue. It is not unusual for them to set aside tracts of their land to be used for sheltering these animals.

Owner Bill Ballard is quite familiar with exotic animal enclosures. He has designed and installed enclosures for Grizzly Bear, Florida Alligator, Kangaroo, Lion, Tiger, Panther and Zebra to date.

Providing a safe haven can be quite the challenge depending upon the species of the animal. Often, precautions must be taken not only to contain the animal but also to keep their caretakers safe. Farm fencing and no-climb may be adequate for some of the tamer species. Chain link fencing with barb wire and an electric charge may be the fencing of choice for more dangerous animals. In addition, installing the correct height of the fence is a consideration for jumpers, climbers, and scalers.

Selecting the right gate for the fence depends on many factors. Will the gate require adjustments from time-to-time? What level of security is required? Is a escape gate system necessary?